Packaging in Santa Fe, NM

For many people, the actual hauling of possessions isn’t the worst part of a move—it’s the packing. Indeed, packing can be an extremely tedious experience. It can also be a bit nerve wracking. For example, you need to be extremely careful with how you pack your fragile items. There’s always a sense of dread while sealing a box that you might not have properly cushioned your glassware or other fragile items to ensure they travel safely and make it to your new home in one piece.

Take a Load Off

At Mountain Moving & Storage of Santa Fe, Inc., we take these fears out of your move by providing full packaging services with moves. That’s right, we’ll pack your items for you! We offer packing, moving and storage in Santa Fe, NM for the following types of moves:

  • Apartment moves: Packing up everything from an apartment typically doesn’t take very long, as there are fewer items in a smaller amount of space. We’ll have your apartment fully boxed up and ready to move in no time!
  • House moves: House moves add extra challenges because there are significantly more items to move and because there are more likely to be items you want to get rid of. It can take some time to sort through these items, but once you’re ready for packing, we’re still capable of moving a full house of items to your new home!
  • Offices: Moving your business into a new office or headquarters? Our team is happy to work with you to pack up all of your office supplies and inventory in highly organized packages to make your move go much smoother.

If you’re gearing up for a move, don’t struggle to pack on your own. Instead, trust our team to pack all your belongings securely and efficiently with our detailed tracking system that makes organization a breeze. Contact our professional movers in Santa Fe, NM at 505-473-9331 for more information.