Commercial Moving

Is your business preparing to move into a new office or headquarters? If so, place your trust in Mountain Moving & Storage of Santa Fe, Inc. to get the job done quickly, safely and affordably. We have a significant amount of experience in working with businesses of all sizes, from tiny family-owned businesses to mid-size and large corporations with large offices. For all of our clients, we commit ourselves to providing personalized, reliable services that make your move as stress-free as possible.

Here are just a few of the aspects that make our commercial moving services so beneficial to companies of all sizes:

  • Packing and unpacking: Packing and unpacking can be tedious and difficult, especially for companies that have large amounts of inventory and supplies. We are capable of performing this task quickly and efficiently, packing in a way that keeps all of your possessions organized and safe during transportation to your new facility.
  • Furniture setup: If you have furniture in your office that needs to be moved, we will not only get it to your new office, but also set it up and arrange it according to your specifications, drastically reducing the amount of work you need to do on setting up your new office.
  • Disposing of old items: If you have old, unwanted items that you either do not want to make the move with you or find you do not need after you’ve already made the move, we will either donate these items or dispose of them for you. We also offer storage in Santa Fe, NM for any items that need to be temporarily stored away from your office.

These services are available for companies of all sizes and types. For more information about the services available from commercial moving companies in Santa Fe, NM, contact us today at 505-473-9331. We look forward to speaking with you and answering any questions you have.